Manufacture includes the full cycle – from fundamental parts and details to full assembly. Full ownership of production, equipped with new appliances, allows us to fullfil a wide spectrum of operations: cutting, welding, painting and further assembly. Everything is produced using a modern base of production, which has no analogues in Russia.

We use the best modern technologies and high percision equipment. Reliability and excellent consumer characteristics of the plant’s products are provided by the high qualification of our employees, of whom we have more than 100 people and with many years of experience in this direction.

High precision modern equipment allows us to increase the speed and volume of production,shortening order time and saving our customers money.

We are confident in the high quality of our products!

The products we produce are fully tuned with a high quality of assembly, which guarantees reliability, durability and convenience. Our company produces both standard and non-standard products for individual orders.

The main reference points in our work are the impeccable quality of materials used during production, aesthetic appearance and assurance of the finished product. We do not stop on what we have already achieved, we are always continuing to expend our product range and develop new production service methods. Currently, for example, we are developing the telescopic boom lifts, which will soon be available for purchase as part of our brand.

If you have any questions about the assortment of products and services or have interest in a partnership or would like to use our products or services for your projects, please call us.

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Top 6 reasons to choose our work platforms

Serial production – platforms are always available
Domestic manufacturer – much lower price
European-made parts – high quality
Modern technologies – efficiency and Eco-friendliness
Certified quality – safety guaranteed
Warranty and repair services all across Russia